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Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the barriers that keep individuals from taking charge of their finances–whether it be inexperience, lack of bandwidth, fear, or pure inertia. As a trusted partner, Ametrine Wealth aims to support clients’ financial needs to ensure they get–and stay–on track to achieve their goals.

Carla Adams, CFP®

With more than 15 years of experience in the wealth management industry, Carla founded Ametrine Wealth with the vision of helping people–particularly women–take control of their financial futures. She prides herself on creating a compassionate, trusting environment for clients and removing the barriers that keep people from setting and achieving their financial goals. Carla’s clients value her financial planning insight, ability to break down complex topics, attention to detail, and approachable demeanor.

Originally from Massachusetts, Carla initially envisioned a career in science. She graduated magna cum laude from Washington and Lee University and received a Masters in chemistry from Northwestern University. However, long hours in the lab made her realize her preference for engaging with people over compounds, and she decided to put her analytical skills to use in the financial sector. Carla holds an MBA in Finance and General Management from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and is a Certified Financial Planner PractitionerTM.

Carla lives in Lake Orion with her husband, Jarod, and her two greatest accomplishments, daughters Brinley and Chloe.

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Carla’s Approach

"I want my clients to know that I am taking a holistic look at their finances to ensure that they are doing everything needed to get and stay on the path to a successful future; small changes now can have a big impact later. To chart the best course, I create a trusting, judgment-free environment so that clients can ask questions, share concerns, and articulate goals and aspirations. I meet clients where they are–whether that is determining their objectives, adjusting a plan, or building one from the ground up. My aim is to be a trusted partner for the long run–not just later in life, after clients have amassed their wealth."

Who We Serve

Ametrine Wealth recognizes that each individual and family has unique financial planning needs. With a breadth of experience serving a range of clients, Ametrine is proud to specialize in supporting:

  • Women: Whether single or married, starting out or heading towards retirement, Ametrine Wealth provides financial advice and tailored support to women across life situations and stages. Let us be your trusted partner in making financial saving, spending, and planning decisions.
  • Mid-Career Adults & Families: It’s easy for finances to take a backseat in your 30s, and 40s–when individuals and couples are putting in long hours at work, raising children, caring for aging parents, managing a household, or all of the above. Let Ametrine Wealth do the work to help you establish a strong financial foundation and forward-looking plan.

Don’t fall into one of these categories? Ametrine Wealth wants to hear your story and serve you, too.

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What is Ametrine?

The gemstone ametrine is thought to bring balance, inner strength, serenity, and financial stability–the properties Ametrine Wealth strives to deliver to clients. This gem is believed to eliminate fears that prevent people from reaching their goals. While ametrine is rare, achieving financial harmony should not be.